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Which PLUS your services can offer?
Our purpose is to offer “custom-made” services to our clients, first of all focusing the project to be developed (when and how), then making available the instruments to reach the target.
Specifically, we support the small and medium sized enterprise, which is our ideal client for its own organization and flexibility, to:
• search new commercial partners (customers/suppliers) abroad
• do business with foreign customers and suppliers
• find out commercial opportunities to increase the export turnover

Which is the COST of your services?
As we offer a customized support, the cost of our services is different according the individual Company strategy and the specific project to be developed.
But our points of strengthen are that
• the value of the project is related to the fulfilment of the agreed result
• the value of the investment is CLEAR to our client since from the beginning, does not change and it is not in contrast with the agreed project
Because we talk about deeds!

Is it possible to have an OFFER for your services?
A service, even more when it is customized, cannot not be sold “on quantity” and for this reason we have no price list for our services. But there are some parameters to refer to; after a preliminary seminar (also by phone) in order to understand the clients’ objectives and expectations, these parameters let us able to make a customized proposal. Any offer is FREE OF CHARGE, contact us.

Do you have any CLIENT who has ever done business abroad?
Our clients are:
• both companies already structured internally with their own export office able to manage the import-export activities; in this case our support is extremely specific and focused (consultancy ad hoc) >> EXPORT CONSULTING
• and especially companies which understand the potentialities of the foreign markets but know that it is necessary to face them with competence and skill; in this case our global support reach its top (outside export office), with the purpose to hit those business opportunities and create the best conditions for the Company growth. The first step toward the qualification and implementation of an internal structure (link a Export office) >> EXPORT OFFICE

How is possible to receive your PUBLICATIONS?
Getting into the section PUBLICATIONS and clicking on "Enter", just filling in the form with the requested data and selecting the publications you are interested to. As we receive the form, we will provide for your registration and send the requested information by e-mail (prior acceptance of your data treatment according to privacy statement).

Are your PUBLICATIONS free of charge?
Ever and still we consider the access to information an added value for a Company and, willing to share our heritage, we make available update news, researches and studies on various matters FREE OF CHARGE. >> PUBLICATIONS

Which is the EXPORT CHECK-UP?
It lets to focus the organizational dynamics and the operational instruments used by the Company for the management of its own import-export activities:
• from the processing of the offer (prices, terms of payment, delivery of the goods, …)
• to the check of the intermediate steps (transport, possible bureaucratic or Customs formalities, documents and certificates needed, …)
• to the end and record of the file (collect of the credit and successful outcome of the operation)
It allows to improve on the internal procedures, calculate the risk level, act in the respect of efficiency/efficacy criteria, make better the Company image and competitiveness, finally to do business in the perspective of a global satisfaction.
It consists of meeting/comparison spaces and analysis of the collected data, whose time is depending on the internationalization stage of the involved Company, considering its experience, internal knowledge, projects already realized and to be planned.

Is the participation in a FAIR a cost with no advantage for the Company?
Fairs and similar or collateral events such as business meetings, commercial missions, seminars and meetings with foreign delegations (organized by the local institutions, often with no cost for the participants) represent today as well, especially for the small and medium sized enterprise, an unique and important experience to find CONTACTS and collect INFORMATION about:
• new products / services and new technologies
• market (domestic and international)
• competitors (local and global)
• new commercial opportunities (customers / suppliers)
To be informed on chances and incentives of your province/region, contact us.

Are there any FUNDS to reduce the cost of your services?
Creating new opportunities and developing new markets need time, constancy and competence, mean an investment whose return is not ever sure (maybe expected) but estimable anyway.
As the richness of a country also go through its industries’ ability to get added value in the international contest, the Italian companies competitiveness abroad is supported by some public means >> EXPORT SUPPORT . Even easier to access to focused funds made available by local institutions and bodies.
To be promptly informed on contributions/funds for export development activities and projects in your PROVINCE/REGION, contact us.

Do you also make technical TRANSLATIONS?
On a basis of a global service, we guarantee to our clients a linguistic support, either completing the service-pocket already acquired (for example Export office, Export check-up) or coming as single service (such as translation of documents, interpreting during negotiations, support and assistance on occasion of fairs).
Our team’s experience and competence (translators and interpreters) let us offer to our clients a qualified and prompt service, both for commercial documents (letters, offers, sales conditions, …) and technical/sector materials (legal acts, credits recover, technical dossiers and manuals, …)

If a Company is already organized with its own office and human resources dedicated to export business, is your SUPPORT unprofitable, isn’t it?
In this case, in addition to suggest the EXPORT CHECK-UP (on purpose conceived to focus and maximize activities and procedures already existing), we are able to plan and manage training REFRESHER courses for the INTERNAL HUMAN RESOURCES’ qualification, as well as SPECIALISTIC CONSULTANCY on international contracts, payments, Customs, certifications, labelling, ...
Do you have any doubt?
To your doubts and requests, we answer: