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WE WANT your Company to be competitive and grow in the global market.
If you also want that, WE CAN:
  focus the target market/sector more suitable for you
  promote your Company in Italy
  search and contact new Italian customers interested in your product
  collect marketing information about the focused market (Italian laws, regulations, distribution channels, competitors, sector/product requirements,...)

WE KNOW how much is important to work promptly and efficiently with foreign partners.
If you also agree, WE CAN:
  see the right price and the best sale conditions for your import from/export to Italy
  plan and face the negotiations with Italian customers and suppliers
  value the most safe and appropriate terms of payments
  study and draft contracts and arrangements with Italian partners
  solve matters about Customs and transports from/to Italy

WE BELIEVE it is extremely important to plan and manage the import – export activities in the best way.
If you trust that, WE CAN:
  analyze and plan the import in/export to Italy flows
  contact Italian customers and suppliers directly
  join and support the internal staff dealing with import – export matters
 offer refresher courses for the human resources about international trade

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us